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At SarafinaProductions, we tell compelling, first person stories about human rights and diversity. Our award-winning films, including What Do You Believe? and Earth, Water, Woman have shown on college campuses, premiered at film festivals around the world, and been featured on NPR and PBS. Our films focus on sharing uplifting solutions to seemingly intractable problems. We partner with individuals and groups seeking to develop short and feature length documentaries.

How do you present your cause so it comes to life? Do your clients, funders and community know what you do? How can you show the breadth and depth of your work, and give voice to the people you serve? We help you tell your important story. SarafinaProductions is a group of award-winning filmmakers, marketers and PR talent. Our inspiring documentary-style videos for the web and beyond help change minds, improve lives and mobilize communities. We would love to hear about your needs.

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